Special Customized Trailer (Heavy Duty Loading)

  • Detachable Gooseneck Lowboy Semitrailer 80 Ton loading

    Detachable Gooseneck Lowboy Semitrailer 80 Ton loading

    Our detachable gooseneck lowboy semitrailer , is specially designed for heavy duty machines , and oversize equipment , as well as the the heaviest, bulkiest loads .

    This product is equiped with 4 axles , 16 tyres , loading deck reaches to 9 meters , plus the rigid suspension which can bear the loading capacity to 80 tons . 

    The hydaulic lifting system is assemled with engine , lifting the whole deck easily and efficiently . 

    You can check the video as followed . 

  • 110 Ton Multi Axle Low-bed Trailer with 3 lines 6 axles

    110 Ton Multi Axle Low-bed Trailer with 3 lines 6 axles

    Such trailers are designed according to clients detailed requirement . 

    Our production line assembled 2 special alxes in 1 line , to add more loading capacity ,and make the product more stable . 

    The ramp can be machanism or be hydraulic . 

    The Goose-neck can be detachable for be fixed as option .

    It is widely used in Sea Port,  Construction Site , Mining area .


  • 120 Ton Girder Dolly Trailer

    120 Ton Girder Dolly Trailer

    Professional Manufacturer of Construction Vehicle 

    Customized Service Production to supply girder trailer for projects

    - Reliable performance & Complete safety facilities & Reasonable structure

    - Simple operation & Convenient maintenance 

    - Special design : Overturning resistance and stability & Hydraulic steering system

  • 80 Ton Concrete Bridge Beam Carrier

    80 Ton Concrete Bridge Beam Carrier

    - Long distance wheel base 

    - Front steer system with middle driving system  

    - Good vision for driver and operator 

    - Easy to be transported and operated 

    - With Engine for steering 

    - With Brake system and anti-bumping design 

  • 200 Ton Girder Beam Carrier

    200 Ton Girder Beam Carrier

    - Assemble with professional heavy duty machinery engine 

    - Self propelled with steering system

    - High Torque , Strong horsepower 

    - Transmission with differential lock 

    - Driving axle with strong payload capacity 

    - Wide body design , More stable , No sliding 

    - Complete after-sale service system , timely and reliable

  • Low-bed semi trailer for 60 ~ 150 Tons

    Low-bed semi trailer for 60 ~ 150 Tons

    Clients can customize the whole size of the trailer , according to the actual operation and the working site  .

    Sizes, axles numbers , can be modified or changed based on the logistics company request .

    Application field :

    High-way logistics , equipment & machinery transportation , port transportation , heavy cargo delivery , machinery delivery , special cargo delivery , Transformer delivery ,etc . 

  • Lowboy Full Trailer with Ramp

    Lowboy Full Trailer with Ramp

    The load of the full trailer is fully borne by itself, and it is connected to the locomotive by hooks. The locomotive truck does not need to bear the trailer load, but only provides power to help the trailer overcome the frictional resistance of the road surface. Full trailers are mainly used for transportation in docks, factories, ports and other fields like internal yards .

  • Girder Dolly

    Girder Dolly

    The bridge girder transport vehicle also known as bridge carrier , is a special vehicle that transports the reinforced concrete beam bridge deck pre-fabricated in the plant or the bridge site to the bridge-erector. It is mainly composed of dozens of driving wheels , frame, cabin, steering control system, auxiliary devices, etc. Due to the heavy load (up to 1,000 tons), the required height is very low to reduce the overall height of the bridge-erector. It is an assistant equipment for bridge erecting construction.

    Such equipment is applied for the erection and transportation of bridges for highways, railways, and inter-city light rails. Our product guarantees its convenient loading and unloading, strong versatility, convenient and safe driving,as well as obvious advantages of economy and high efficiency.  Clients can customize the bridge vehicle according to the specific working site . 

  • Wind Turbine Blade Trailer

    Wind Turbine Blade Trailer

    • Wind turbine electricity generator equipment mainly includes blades, nacelles, hubs and towers, each of which is an out-of-gauge item for ordinary road transportation and needs to be transported by professional vehicles.
    • Each Wind-Turbine-Blade-Trailer is designed to transport the blade specifically according to the local road situation , laws and regulation , and according to the blade specs . Our engineers are well trained and professional to issue the design for the trailer . Please contact us for more information . We will guarantee your trailer quality to make good transportation , as well as the training and after-sales service .  
  • Extendable Trailer for Wind Turbine Blade high way transportation

    Extendable Trailer for Wind Turbine Blade high way transportation

    This product is specially designed and manufactured for highway transportation of the wind turbine blades . The main platform can be extendable , which means the main beam can be pulled out and drawn back from the front platform sleeve . The maximum length of the extend part can reach to 65 meters , meaning the total length of the whole vehicle can reach to 80 meters around , so as to load with 120 meters blade at maximum . 

  • Double Goose-neck Vessel Trailer

    Double Goose-neck Vessel Trailer

    Double Goose-neck Vessel Trailer belongs to the series of large cargo transportation vessel trailers . It is widely used for heavy duty cargos which overweight 150 Tons ~800 Tons .  The most common cargo that transported by such vehicle is the transformer , or the big tank.

    We can give professional design for the port operation as well as the other sites operation , such as passing through hight limit places like going under the bridge . 

  • Hydraulic Multi-Axle Modular Trailer

    Hydraulic Multi-Axle Modular Trailer

    Hydraulic multi-axle modular trailers , are widely used in the transportation of large steel structures, heavy transformers, generators, wind turbines (and their accessories such as tower blade generators, etc.), turbines in hydro-power stations ,  petrochemical tanks, etc.

    Cargos are often weighted from 300 ton to 1000 ton or above . 


    In construction, engineering, chemical industry, petroleum smelting and other related industries, the application of such vehicles is becoming more and more frequently .

  • Large Cargo Transport Semitrailer

    Large Cargo Transport Semitrailer

    Bulk transportation refers to the transportation and distribution of large equipment.

    Large cargo is the items that has advantages in weight and volume. During the transportation, large cargo have strict requirements on the transportation tools ,especially on the trailer .

    They cannot be moved by ordinary transport vehicles. Special transport tools are required to complete the transport.

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