Flat Bed Semitrailer

  • 3 axles Flat Bed Trailer

    3 axles Flat Bed Trailer

    The flat bed trailer is widely used in daily cargo transportation and it is applicated in long distance logistics .  It is the most common logistics vehicle for the general products such as : furniture , bulk cargo, heavy equipment , super market cargos , shopping mall cargo , home appliances , agriculture products , steel bar , etc . Our 3 axles flat bed trailer is high qualifed manufactured , and we accept customized order from clients for their actual logistics requirement . The flat-bed semi-trailer walking structure is made of high-duty international steel; the vehicle is light in weight, and ensures its anti-torsion, anti-vibration and anti-bump capabilities to meet the bearing capacity of different road surfaces.

  • Light weight flatbed trailer

    Light weight flatbed trailer

    Our production line also manufacture the light tare weight trailers for high end market such as Europe market and North American Market . Because in the countries that restrict the gross weight on road , the vehicle is strictly limited by the local law and regulation . Drivers must consider the total weight which includes the cargo weight and the trailer weight itselft . So , in such circumstances , light weight trailer can help the logistics owner carry more weight cargo but less tare weight on road . 

  • Customized Flat Bed Trailer

    Customized Flat Bed Trailer

    The flat-bed trailer has a wide range of uses, mainly suitable for medium and long-distance transportation of medium and heavy-duty and bulk cargo. It has strong applicability and has become the first choice for medium and long-distance freight vehicles.
    1. The vehicle body is made of high-quality steel, advanced technology, and follow the strict production. The structure of the vehicle is reasonable, the performance is reliable, the operation is simple, and the appearance is beautiful.
    2. The frames of series semi-trailers are all beam-through structures, and the longitudinal beams are straight or gooseneck. The web height ranges from 400mm to 550mm by welding with manganese plates, the longitudinal beams are welded by automatic submerged welding, the frame is shot blasted, and the crossbeams penetrate the longitudinal beams and welded as a whole.
    3. The suspension adopts non-independent steel plate stamping rigid suspension, which is made of tandem steel plate springs and suspension supports; the structure is reasonable, with strong rigidity and strength, and is used to support the load and reduce the impact.

  • Lowboy Full Trailer with Ramp

    Lowboy Full Trailer with Ramp

    The load of the full trailer is fully borne by itself, and it is connected to the locomotive by hooks. The locomotive truck does not need to bear the trailer load, but only provides power to help the trailer overcome the frictional resistance of the road surface. Full trailers are mainly used for transportation in docks, factories, ports and other fields like internal yards .

  • Flatbed Full Trailer with Towing Bar

    Flatbed Full Trailer with Towing Bar

    Adopt pneumatic solid tires, low deck height and large loading capacity. No risk of puncture ( tire blast ) , Safe, simple and durable. It has no power and needs a tractor or forklift to tow. Usually one or more flatbed trucks and a forklift or tractor form a vehicle ,to carry out the transportation of goods or the handling of large equipment. Widely used in airports, ports, railway stations, factories and large warehouses. Greatly improve the efficiency of cargo transfer and translation. Reduce the consumption cost of forklift and manpower.

  • Cargo Full Trailer / Rear Cargo Trailer

    Cargo Full Trailer / Rear Cargo Trailer

    The cargo full trailer is used for extra or additional cargo that exceed the main loading trailer . It is widely used in short distance transportation which is less than 500 km .

    Most common seen in small town for agriculture products , or construction area for short distance earth moving . Sometimes , also with mining products but not for long distance . 

    The body of such trailer can be adjusted by our production line and can be customized its function with hydraulic system or side walls . It depends on the clients request . 


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